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Electroplating, Anodising And Spraying Services

The team at Anotech (Leicester) Ltd offers a complete service for the plating and coating of metal components to a number of different industries. Please find below a range of finishing processes, commonly undertaken at our fully equipped factory in Leicestershire.

Zinc Plate:

  • Max tank size 2 x 1.1 x 1 metres
  • Typical Specs:
    • BS1706
    • BS3382
    • DEF130
    • DEF STAN 03-20
    • DTD GO3C
  • Passivates yellow, bright yellow, slightly blue, trivalent finish

Bright Nickel Plate:

  • A fully bright, highly levelled, ductile deposit
  • Max tank size 1.5 x 900 x 1 metre deep

Dull Nickel Plate:

  • A semi bright, well levelled, ductile sulphur free deposit.
  • Max tank size 1.5 x 900 x 1 metre deep

Clear passivate on stainless steel

  • Carried out to ASTM-A-380

Manganese Phosphate:

  • Components normally shot blasted with virgin alumina 60 prior to phosphate which gives a rich coloured coat to DEF STAN 03-11 class 1.

Zinc Phosphate:

  • To DEF STAN 03-11 class 2
  • We recommend that after phosphate components should be either painted or dipped in oil.
  • We use oil to DEF STAN 80-34 Px4.

Tin Plate:

  • Our tin plate is a sulphuric based, bright tin plating process which is suitable for technical and decorative applications. It is a fully bright, levelled deposit with high ductility and excellent solder ability.

Silver Plate:

  • Our silver plating gives us a brilliant silver, high purity and gives conductivity equal to pure silver. It is ideal for both decorative and industrial applications. The silver anodes used are to a minimum purity of 99.97%

Alocrom 1200:

  • A gold coloured protective on aluminium coating on aluminium a chromate conversion process, casting which is chemically applied.
  • Typical Specs:
    • DEF STAN 03-18
    • MIL-C-5541c
    • DO/M/028
    • DTD 900/4413

Suretec 650:

  • A chemical free trivalent for aluminium, it benefits from a low contact resistance and is heat resistant up to 100ºc. It has an iridescent to faintly blue/ tan visible layer.
  • Typical Specs:
    • MIL – DTL – 81706B
    • MIL – DTL – 5541F

Anodising (Sulphuric):

  • An oxidisation coating procedure by an electrolytic oxidation process, in which the surface of aluminium is converted to a mainly oxidised coating. Having protective, decorative and functional properties, it can be coloured by dying to customers’ requirements. Colours held are black, blue, red and green.
  • Typical Specs:
    • BS 1615
    • DEF STAN 03-25
    • BS EN ISO 7599:2010
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